Muscle tone and sense of balance

The relationship between good muscle tone and a developed sense of balance is crucial.


I am often asked what is the best preparatory gym for skiing and how much attention we dedicate to muscle strengthening. Referring mainly to an audience that intends to spend a good ski season and aspire to equally interesting goals. I recommend a right mix between development of proprioceptive qualities and empowerment. I would even say that I believe the research and the deepening of a whole series of exercises that aim directly at improving proprioceptive abilities. The use of the "bosu" and the well known "balance board", as well as being very funny, are able to tone the muscles of the whole body and to faithfully reproduce the conditions of variable equilibrium that we encounter on the track. The famous "dynamic centrality" that is sought in skiing is favored by constant training on the tablets. The exercises can be really many and all very stimulating, as well as from a playful point of view for their undoubted effectiveness. Good fun!