The Methods Of Teaching

Through play everyone develops their fundamental psyche growth.It’s not true that only children need to play,I’ve seen older people jumping for joy after being the first to leave their tracks in fresh snow. The work I’ve done over these past years focuses on 2 significant elements, play and mental training.

1) The turn is divided into 3 parts: “The beginning” “The fall-line” “The end” For each one of these parts specific exercises must be practised,separately inorder to avoid too much confusion.At the end of this learning period the pupil should be able to put together all that he has been taught to reach fluency and harmony in his skiing.

2) Teach the pupil how to acquire new skills of movement trying to avoid falling into his old patterns.

3) Respecting everyone’s physical abilities.Our aim is to ski as much as possible, the instructor has to be aware of not interrupting the pupil’s actions and so suffocating him with too much theory.The more messages that the brain receives the more the pupil will be able to think and feel how to move.

4) Training pupils in their motory ability inorder to make them autonomous. They have to be able to realise eventually for themselves what is right and wrong without intervention from the instructor. They have to decide through their own sensations.

5) Creating an analogy between skiing and a sport he’s familiar with, e. g. using a ball for those who play basket-ball.e.g. stretching inorder to put the ball into the basket can be compared to the extension at the beginning of the turn.For those who play tennis the tennis racket must be held in the down-hill arm inorder to move the body onto the down-hill ski.

6) Technical visualisation and feed-back:- The pupil should try to perceive the movement he’s intending to do.He tells this to the instructor and any eventual mistakes can be cleared up before actually skiing.This process works inorder to make the lesson quicker.

7) Leaving behind all trials and tribulations move all the energy to the pelvic girdle and legs feeling sensations as much as possible.To make it easier a breathing and autogenous training can be used to relax the pupils.