I’ve been studying the strong influence that the mind has over the body for a very long time.This passion has led me to follow many different courses. Sport in general is an excellent form of testing this field,so that everyone gets to know his good skills and his limits. What is the physiological basis of autogenous training and pranayama? How can thoughts be transformed into chemical messages in our brain that influences the body. Let me give you an example ; imagine you are at the starting post of an important ski-race but actually you’re sitting comfortably on your sofa. Visualise the people and the whole environment around you in the mountains, just a few more minutes and it’ll be your turn. You have to give of your best and every move must be perfect.Your heart- beat and breathing have increased and many other functions have changed inside your organism to be ready for the race, but weren’t you sitting comfortably on your sofa? Another example ; get yourself a cardiometer and a good speedometer jump on your bicycle and start pedalling try to get up to a definite speed and maintain it.At a certain point after getting a good rhythm and good synchronisation between the heart and the lungs, visualise certain difficult moments. Get into this situation and feel deeply the frustration connected to this.Still thinking you haven’t changed your rhythm your speed has slowed down.You haven’t decided consciously to decrease your strength but it’s happened because of negative thoughts. Research on the efficiency of thinking positively and controlling your emotions has opened new horizons in sports training.