Adult skiing

Breuil Cervinia, Valtournenche and Zermatt 350 kilometres of slopes in an enchanting place situated between "Cervino and " Monte Rosa"where there is always winter snow,12 months of the best snow thanks to its unique altitude in the Italian- Swiss area one of the most extraordinary in Europe.

And what about us, what are we looking for in skiing? What's the reason why we keep going back up there every time? Answering these questions is the key to our desire to ski. Freedom , enormous open spaces,speed and perception of our whole body are just some of the elements which make us want to go skiing. The little things in our behaviour ,the psychology with which we approach the snow are decisive for a good result of our day. The instructor must focalise on the emotional elements that could block the pupils ,in order to eliminate them ,otherwise the message that the instructor is trying to get across is systematically lost. Getting into syntony with the instructor allows not only a verbal communication but above all a gestual one. You know clowns, don't you? They don't speak but they can capture the attention of crowds of children and ..many adults too.Breaking down the barriers which are normally created in any alien situation make the learning faster,more efficient and more enjoyable for all.And now what? All in the refuge to talk about our experiences, enjoying hot chocolate and cakes around an open fire. To be able to get powerful sensations from a snowy day means to be completely immersed in nature.,in its silence and its perfumes.Have you ever smelt the perfume of snow?It's incredible and the sun's rays which push away the clouds and light up part of a slope that you're skiing down.A turn ,another turn and still another one behind that instructor who's exhausting me,but I won't give up.Lots of adrenalin and I'm completely free from the cares of the working week.