Creative Thoughts

If a pupil is sub-consciously convinced that he can’t do anything and is repeatidly telling himself ,I can’t do it then he will set off a series of physiological reactions connected to fear(i.e. going weak at the knees, getting confused and generally being up-tight.)There will be no space in his mind for the instructor’s words. All the concentration of the pupil is being sent to control his anxiety and his sense of failure. If you know the source of your negative thoughts you can turn them into positive ones by knowing where and when they were established, and realising that, the negative conditioning didn’t come from you but from outside influences. You have to live your own experience. We can change our reality by transforming our thoughts and feelings. By repeating mentally to yourself positive words and expressions you modify you r whole psycho-physical condition. If the pupil has had a skiing accident the situation is more serious and much more difficult to resolve. The instructor’s job is to give the pupil back his complete confidence For every different skier we have to have a personalised approach according to his own personality.